Welcome! I am Annie Simcoe, a mixed-media paper artist, working, and living in western Maryland with my husband and dog. I hand craft all of my papers from plants that I grow or gather, such as cornhusks, iris leaves, and rye grass. The vibrant colors come from fabric dyes added during the paper-making process. Each plant fiber takes the dye differently giving unique colors and textures. Once the papers are dry I piece them together and “sketch” on them using my sewing machine. The resulting pieces of art are a combination of collage and quilting.

The inspiration for my work comes from my background as a geologist, life events, and the landscape of rural Maryland and West Virginia.

What does ABPH stand for? ABPH stands for AnnaBellePetuniaHead which was (one of) my childhood nicknames. In 2003 when I did my first craft fair this seemed a perfect fit for my whimsical artwork. I soon discovered I had the longest email address and web address ever, and shortened it to ABPH Art.

Some Current Work

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